You are always where you are meant to be.

Gratitude for holding space.

Niamh L. / Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

Coming out of my reiki and crystal session I felt a lot lighter and much more grounded. Sunil is a very empathic person and took the time to fully listen and understand my needs, adapting the session to my needs. I liked the fact he uses crystals in addition to reiki, it added a much deeper experience and helped me connect with and release emotions which I was holding onto. I would highly recommend Sunil as a holistic practitioner.

Sherif V. / Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

Prior to going into my Reiki Healing with Sunil I wasn’t sure what to expect. However, once I arrived the process was demystified to me. He placed various crystals and explained the various things each one did.

The healing itself, I was only awake for a short part of. I felt very relaxed the entire time, but also hesitant and jittery when my throat chakra was touched or focused on.

The overall reading was that I’m highly grounded, but often don’t trust my intuition which explains some of my impulsive behavior at times. However, afterwards while discussing the process and what Sunil picked up through my body, I need to be less harsh on myself and simply change narratives whenever disempowering narratives emerge.

I was recommended aquamarine as a charm, but haven’t purchased one, but more importantly I implemented the mantra “do it joyfully,” which has allowed me to remain more grounded even when having the occasional wine or burger.

I feel that Sunil really knows which combination or crystals can help create more alignment of the various clients he heals and is highly intuitive himself while balancing chakras. Thanks so much brother, and hope I can get another healing some day soon!

Pablo C. / Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

Incredible, insightful and restorative! Sunil not only works with Reiki he also personalizes the session by asking a series of questions and what your intention is. Then like a mad scientist (totally dropped into what he is doing) he pairs the right crystals to support the journey. This being an addition to the Reiki. It was pretty cool to have someone listen so in depth and be so excited about sharing this work.

I felt your passion for this the whole way through brother! I must say I did pass out which was so NEEDED and appreciated. Little did I know though that it was perfect for the space, for both Sunil and myself. Sunil carefully watched my body as he worked, how it responded and moved to the energy coming through. Which felt like so much LOVE.

After the session as I was integrating with crystals Sunil actually makes notes on what he noticed and then in a loving, caring way shares openly with me what he saw. Anyone looking for raw, real feedback delivered in a loving and safe way. Sunil is the man. He was so careful in his sharing post session. All of it was positive but can feel sensitive so its important to have someone who knows that.

Big thanks you beautiful soul. I left feeling restored looked after and loved. What a great experience to share with someone who is in love with what they do!

Rossella S. / Koh Tao, Thailand

I had my first Reiki experience with Sunil and he combined it with crystal healing. The whole thing was 3 sessions and I did all of them during my holiday in Koh Tao. I didn’t really know what to expect since it was the first time trying it. He asked me about my intention for the treatment and I told him that I want to find balance.

I felt the most during the second session, since I was laying on the stomach and Sunil placed the stones along my spine. I could feel the energy coming from his hands and the stones. During all the sessions, I always felt comfortable and at ease. I was able to relax, let go and even fall asleep during each of the sessions. I felt the energy in different parts of my body and I had smaller dreams or visions, that I couldn’t recall after the session, but I knew they were there.

Sunil gave me a feedback after each session of what he had read out of my body’s energy. I was overwhelmed by how accurately Sunil was able to read the energy of my body, relating to issues I was dealing with at that moment, without me having told him anything of it.

After the 3 sessions, I felt recovered, balanced and satisfied and Sunil told me that my body was calm. Funnily enough, 2 days after the last Reiki, I got my period again, after not having it for almost 6 months.

My Reiki experience with Sunil was very nice and helped me to find my balance again, to recognize what I am hiding from myself and to listen to my gut feeling. It’s not that I got rid of all my issues, but I am more aware of them and I know what to work on and the Reiki with Sunil was eyes-opening for this. I am extremely glad that I did it and I can highly recommend it. I bought the stones Sunil recommended me and I feel very safe with them.

Thank you so much Sunil!

Diego B. / Lecce, Puglia, Italy
Having gone thru the LoveLogic healing therapy has been a blessing. It’s been more than a three sessions journey but an actual opportunity to improve my overall balance and thus my life condition. All depends on how you perceive things and that way the help of the practitioner will take you far.
I got to understand my breathing and to unlock the energy through out the body in so doing strengthening my awareness. The advices of the practitioner about the benefit of colours and of a certain type of meditation revealed to help alot and in three meetings we have been able to improve my condition and get to the desired place of balance.
Michelle C. / Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I have had the pleasure of experiencing two reiki sessions with Sunil.  At the beginning of our sessions he took the time to explain his process and made sure I was comfortable with everything.  I have had reiki sessions with other practitioners before and can attest to the fact that Sunil has an amazing ability to channel energy.  I could literally feel the heat and strong exchange of energy through his hands!  It was a very relaxing experience and I even drifted off at times.  After the session we discussed what he had sensed and I was able to confirm much of what he picked up on.  He offered some advice on how I could deal with some of the areas in which I felt blocked and explained the significance of the various chakras.   I left both sessions feeling lighter and more at peace with what had come up for me.

Since our last session Sunil has expanded his spiritual practice to include various new modalities and I am looking forward to experiencing them as soon as we are in the same city again!  Sunil is a very caring individual with a passion for what he does and this definitely comes across in any interaction you have with him.  I highly recommend his healing sessions to anyone open to having a uniquely profound experience!

Bonnie J. / Vancouver, B.C., Canada

My session with Sunil was amazing; the experience was relaxing and calm. The guidance I received from Sunil yielded very positive results in my life which has now helped me grow into a place where my focus and thinking is aligned with my highest self. I look forward to more sessions and valuable guidance from brother Sunil, thank you! Much love and gratitude.