Love and happiness are infinitely yours for the taking.

Let’s awaken the dormant.

Reiki Healing

An ancient healing technique where the practitioner becomes a conduit of Light Energy transferring through their giving (right) and receiving (left) hands. With a gentle touch on specific acupressure points along the entire body, Prana or Life Force Energy is stirred about to effect positive results from an initial positive intention.

Chakra Balancing

12 Energy Centers above, below & along the body represent different areas of your energetic body and parasympathetic nervous system. The practice of balancing allows your body to speak to the practitioner, from minute pulses to physical jumps or spasms. This allows the practitioner to address the affected Chakras and lead them into alignment to ensure clear Prana or Life Force energy flow. This is, however, temporary – as it will be up to you, the individual, to continue your healing through suggested recommendations and their practice(s).

Crystal Healing

The use of semi-precious stones and crystals that aid as conduits of healing energy for a variety of physical and emotional concerns. As each Chakra represents a different Spiritual, Mental, Emotional & Physical layer to the individual – there are different stones and crystals that pair well with each and their selection depends on the intention set forth by said individual with then are intuitively selected by the practitioner.

Sound Bowl Activation

A type of therapy that uses the vibration and a mesmerizing frequency to entrain brainwaves to synchronize and increase the flow of Prana / Life Force energy through the body thus relieving many forms of dis-ease.


A process where the individual uses mindfulness, focusing solely on the breath or a specific object thus removing racing thoughts and creating awareness and stillness of the mind with a controlled breathing structure. This practice has been known to allow the individual to achieve a clear mental and calm emotional state.

Watch my 12 minute Love Logic Meditation Preparation, available in French & English translations.

Mystic Healing

Achieving a state where a practitioner is privileged to channel and transmit the Spiritual Light onto an individual. A practice where pure love flows providing the receiver an experience of closeness with the self and an understanding of the enormous truths that lie dormant within them.


I have yet to receive attunement in this modality as Covid19 has played a challenging factor, however, I have had to opportunity to attend Mystic Healing sessions all over the world. It is definitely one of the most powerful modalities I have ever experienced.