Carcassonne, France

Dating as far back as the 12th c., La Cité otherwise known as Carcassonne is a living, breathing, fortified castle from the Gallo-Roman times. Having gone through a couple additions or makeovers from the 13th to 14th c., La Cité stands today as one of the main attractions in the Occitaine region boasting touristic shops, many eateries & random reenactments of Knights and wenches and witches, oh my! that happen as different times all over the place within the castle walls. You are also welcome to walk the walls, in some cases for free and in others – if you would like a more in-depth look at the archaeological parts or an inner tour of the Ramparts then a ticket is required. Either which way you decide – Carcassonne is a treat to see and is perhaps one of the world’s most well preserved Medieval fortresses of our time.