Cogne, Italy

This was a completely random choice but in retrospect – the journey to get there was not for the faint of heart. Driving up and down, navigating twists and turns, in open air tunnels, tunnels through mountains – I would be lying if I didn’t get random bits of dizzy spells and some nausea – but I was trying to beat the daylight as the GPS was in and out and my choice of venue was deep into the Italian Alps in the Aosta Valley of Northern Italy.

After all of that drama, we finally reached our destination but were so wiped from the journey that venturing out was not an option and the night was called. The next day, we drove around and explored before heading out on our way to the next destination. Surrounded by the mighty Alps, it was quite the sight and something I would recommend to everyone but to keep it at a lighter pace than I and to have time at your advantage so you’re not rushing and then rushing in and out of consciousness lol. Seriously though, be mindful and enjoy!