About 60kms away from Freiburg, across the Rhein lies Colmar…what a magical little town…with an area known as Little Venice, the old town is a feast for your eyes and belly! Canals line some pathways and cobblestones in the others. There is a cute open area that boasts bistros and cafés and I had the luck of visiting during their Easter Celebration which extends beyond the beginning of April…the rails overlooking the canals were draped in Spring time flora and bunnies and such, there were live animal exhibits, loads of kiosks selling wares of all different kinds from fine local wines to handmade crafts. There was even an orchestra playing the Pink Panther – how fitting except Clouseau was nowhere in sight, lol, shut up, you cracked a grin at least, reader!

Ooh! I had my first French Baguette, sans fromage, sadly I am allergic to dairy fat (fml), was still delish! This is my third time in France, first time I was in Paris and broke…second time I was in Bordeaux with my ex, she cooked most of the time and we ate either fast food or fancy the other times, so this was definitely my first French Baguette. Dope! I mean, I have had a baguette, obvi – but this is a French Baguette in FRANCE! They know what they’re doing, but if you don’t want to trust my word, come here and find out for yourself!! 😉

One wicked thing I got to see, and trust when I say I had no idea but what a cool thing to see – it was too late to tour inside though – but I saw the home/studio where Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi, the famous French sculptor behind the design of the Statue Of Liberty…his spot was just randomly there, whilst I was walking through the town of Colmar, what are the chances and really, it was the last thing I would have ever thought of, but still cool to discover!

I’ll get straight to it – go to Colmar – just a sweet stop and its 40 mins away from Basel, Switzerland and there is really no border (it’s free flow) and their locals wines are also delicious – I suggest Muscat! A sweet (2) wine with Citrus notes and an abrupt end, about 3 seconds, no need to neutralize the pallet…damn son, so good!!