Dune du Pilat, France

Europe tallest sand dune costs you nothing to perch except your determination to not only climb up the rickety 300+ plastic steps but the actual act of getting back over the dune as the steps are a one way to the dune’s ridge then it’s a self-guiding trudge through the sands on the way down toward the ocean (and back) so pace yourself, this is not a race and if it was – you would surely lose! Also – the winds tend to pick up out of nowhere so just be mindful.

Now that the warning are aside – when you get up to the ridge – feast your eyes on panoramic views of the Atlantic ocean, some sand bars and the Arachon Bay. Turn the other way and see vast forestry covers your view as far as the eye can see. The dune itself covers about 2.7kms along the coastline and at the base, you can walk along the shore line but you can also do that on either end of the dune as to not wear yourself out when you need to get back up and over to your vehicle or vessel 😉

The path to the steps are lined with food/drink and touristic options so you will get your fill to and fro should you wish but whatever you do, make sure you make the trek 60km away from Bordeaux and set your sights on one of the most interesting landscapes on the planet.