Évian-les-bains, France

It’s exactly the place you think it is! Located in southeastern France and known as a high market and resort type town – it’s no wonder the world famous water comes from there 😉 The shoreline is, well, lined with high end restaurants, accommodations and even a fancy looking casino but a little further in and the charming narrow streets make quite the enjoyable walk. There are even, what appear to be, troughs with waters flowing from the taps – to wash your hands? maybe it was for your horse back in the day? who knows – but I wondered to myself the entire time – can I bottle this? is this the famed Évian water just flowing freely? …any way, when you’re done with this city, you can hop a ferry and cross over Lac Léman to Lausanne, Switzerland and check out that city but a word to the wise – Switzerland is expensiveeeeeee but beautiful nevertheless!