Freiburg Im Brisgeau

Hmmm….I’d be lying if I said I just randomly picked this spot. Essentially I met this lovely girl in Krabi, Thailand but I was too inebriated to maintain anything logical, however I did manage to score her Facebook. Any way, basically chased this girl for two weeks from island to island, I didn’t really know what I wanted with her, but was gravitated regardless. So on my last day in Thailand, the stars aligned and we spent 4 amazing hours just talking while walking, bargain shopping, swimming and tanning…I was so taken that I asked if I could visit her upon my impending visit to Europe within the following month to which she said yes! I was stoked, couldn’t really digress the feelings but it seemed worth it to me to fly 1000kms (from Napoli) to find out exactly what this was.

That’s the movie-esque background for you…enter Freiburg Im Brisgeau, Deutschland in the Baden-Württemburg region wherein lies the infamous Black Forest. This place is what fairytales and folk stories are made of…Medieval architecture, alley ways and passages mixed with modern buildings and technologies.

The beauty of this city is that its an artistic mecca with its small town charm and is surrounded by the Black Forest, countless lakes and the whole ire of the outdoors, cottaging, boating and the list goes on. The other benefit is that it shares an airport with two other cities, one in Switzerland (Basel) and the other in France (Mulhousse), all within 40mins in different directions of each other. And with an unarmed border to match the likes of the Canada-US border…experiencing completely different cultures and hybrid languages as well as cuisines is accomplished with great ease.

Okay, so I went to Freiburg to meet a girl who had no clue I liked her and thought I was just passing through on some kind of backpacking euro trip.

(Sooooo….I do not backpack, apparently I flashpack – the allure of grinding from place to place but sprinkled in luxuries from Michelin star eats to Thread counts for the stars hahahah, I am not even sorry, I hustled to get here and I’mma stay here.)

So I was in Freiburg for 8 days, in which we spent a couple of full days together (her days off) as well as a few lunches & dinners and a couple of walkabouts. The dynamic is amazing, seriously, laughter, never a dull moment and very easy around one another, no awkwardness or sporadic bouts of silence. We did so much fun shit, ate well and had an eerily amount of things in common or had the same thoughts or actions just moments apart. But this is a tough situation, one for the fact that I was feeling her and she had a completely different idea and now has been slightly blindsided with my interest beyond friendship.

One thing about me, I adapt very well and in this one and only life that I have (that I know of), I am willing to do anything to evolve, to remain happy, to instill happiness and fulfillment in others…and I am lucky my job also allows me the freedoms to live this roadblock free life….but in this case, it didn’t work out in the end and I think it was meant to, I think that we were meant to cross paths just like Isabelle (Gili T) & I but on more of a short time basis & that is fine because the bonus of this situation is I made several friends in the process, road tripped all over the place, ate some amazing food and local delicacies and enjoyed another experience of a human coming through into my life and teaching me yet another perspective.

No doubt if I ever return and I will – it’s the warmest place in Germany – was 27 degrees (C) when I got there in April of all times! And I will have a great friend to spend some more time with too. Danke for that.