Montréal, Québec, Canada

So my chick is French, not Quebecquois, but French nonetheless. So what do you stereotypically think all French people have in common? Well, clearly all French people know other French people regardless of which country or colony they reside in.

It’s like when Americans find out your Canadian and then say “You’re from Canada? Hey do you know Chuck, he is my friend, he lives in Canada!” – it’s a what-in-the-actual-fuck kind of moment when you explain to them that your country is larger then theirs and they have this deer in the headlights look about them…then continue “…well, do you?” hahahahah…

Okay, sorry – so yeah – she is from France and in our case, the stereotype is true because she does know people in Québec and not only does she know people, she knows people who have cool jobs in MTL (abbreviated) ! So cool in fact, that we were treated to a VIP (also completely on-the-fly) backstage/back hall/back staircase tour of the Cirque Du Soleil HQ. We saw stuff everything – from the immense silk screening process to the prosthetics creation area to even the dancers practising new acrobatics for the upcoming production to be had in, spoiler alert; South America! I even got to put my feet up, nay, my whole body on a hammock in the back garden of CDS HQ – it was amazing!! Our trusty tour guide was a childhood friend of my sweet and after the tour we headed to ‘Vieux Port’ Montréal.

I got to be honest – I have been to Montréal over a dozen times, maybe more. My mum’s elder brother lived there with his family for many years, also typically when you went to public school in the province of Ontario – your Junior High School trip may have involved a weekend in Québec to go skiing or learn about the French Canadian history and then when you got older – MTL was a right of passage to party and get trashed in! Their drinking age is year earlier and they really embrace their European culture and it reflects in tradition, culture, architecture and did I mention – drinking age? LOL…

Any way, all jokes aside, MTL is the perfect mix of Canada and Europe in one shot and at my present age where the partying is wearing thin and I’m (I like to think) a little more cultured; was excited to really see MTL for all it’s shown off for and nothing quite captures this city like the Old quarter and port. Cobblestone walkways, patisserie & café aromas, the French themselves – it’s all a bit of a fantasy really – to change a province and the entire look changes! I guess it’s the same in each province, just more pronounced here as English is not the primary language and the buildings really throw you for a loop.

So Vieux Port is all kinds of cool. Each dock presents a several different attractions, the various eateries and bistros, there is something for everyone and don’t just limit yourself to this area alone – trendy spots include the Plateau, Rue St. Laurent, St. Denis and the list goes one. Montréal has the flavour for whatever you savour and while Toronto (my city) may have a bag of chips with the dip – it doesn’t quite have that old school charm you can only find a 5 hour drive from the Megatropolis.