Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada

If I had a nickel for every time I have been to Niagara Falls, let me tell you…

Actually, I am pretty sure the majority of all Ontarians who have family from abroad have been to Niagara Falls, at the minimum a dozen times, in their lifetime because we all know how it goes – CN Tower in Toronto, Canada’s Wonderland in the Toronto suburbs, Miniature World in Prudhome’s Landing (died off in the mid 90s) and of course, Niagara-frickin-Falls! Actually, if you are like my Mum, then you go there every few weeks as it’s the gateway to inexpensive shopping in Buffalo and if you go there with her frequency, the border patrol even knows and your as familiar as the furniture in immigration.

Every visit, bachelor/bachelorette party, milestone birthday, wedding, proposal, graduation, every special/marginal/no reason at all occasion is celebrated or has been celebrated at least once in Niagara Falls and let’s admit – it’s gotten cooler over the years – NF is like the poor man’s Atlantic City or microscopic Las Vegas and while it’s not this huge melting pot of sin, it’s got enough attractions and history to keep you engaged for the couple of days you are there. Another bonus is that you are in Niagara-on-the-lake wine country so there are literally thousands of things to do in this region of the province.

…continuing my tour of surrounding areas for the Lady – she already knew what she wanted to do and nothing is truly better than playing tourist in your own backyard so here we were – the shock and awe in her eyes and the happiness of mine seeing her having this amazing time. Niagara Falls is immense – it’s a natural feat to see this wonder of the world, but when you’ve seen it a zillion time, fuck off already, LOL!

Any way, to those who have never been – go! Maid of the Mist (Now known as Hornblower on the Canadian side), IMAX theatre, Daredevil Museum to name a few – there are many to do &¬†learn about NF. Some are cheesy – they are really old but that doesn’t take away from the stories of the Falls. I had a blast, I always do…and she had an amazing time – just look at the pictures.

Niagara Falls is amazing. It is beautiful. It is great to see and the supporting cast that the city provides to keep you enthralled is everlasting. Plus there are casinos and shows and zoos and theme-parks to also keep you engaged, like I said – there are a zillion things to do, so plan well and enjoy yourself.