Seminyak, Bali, Indonesia

Saving the most hectic for last.

I really only came here to visit a friend but still rented a secluded house for me and my chick so that we could hide away from the craziness of this part of the island, and it is crazy! Traffic, mopeds whizzing by, tons of people, merchants pushing their wares, the elongated wales of ‘Massssssage’ at your every turn…and I haven’t even mentioned the endless parties, drunk revellers and less than ideal beaches. The suburbs of Denpasar include Kuta, Legian, Seminyak to name the most popular and while they can be nice > they are just so damn hectic.

There are highlights to this busy area such as many eating options, hotels if it’s your preference over villas, loads of nightlife either beachside or on high roads and loads of beach – either busy or scarcely populated.

My plan to immerse my girlfriend into the beauty and serene views of Bali was a process from Heaven to Hell. I saved the craziest for last so she didn’t have a tainted taste. It was also the closest to the airport. Ubud had already stolen her heart but I thought it good for her to experience all sides so when she returns, she can make educated decisions other than assumptive guesses.

…and hopefully, you too – the reader – these blog posts are stories more than just blatant facts but there are helpful hints and links and if you need more – feel free to contact me directly – I am more than obliged to help you along your tour!

Till the next post then!