Tel-Aviv, Israel

Where I believe the modern world began. Not specifically Israel seeing it’s a relatively new state, but the Middle East on the whole, however, that’s an entire different conversation for an entirely different platform!

Any way – the reason I said that is because Tel-Aviv, despite being a city in (said) Middle East, is the most progressive I have seen, Dubai aside. With Dubai, as party party as it can get – there are a lot of rules under Islam that you must respect and therefore you don’t have the utmost freedoms like TA! I was travelling with my niece and we came during Pride Week, which is absolutely fine by me, I just found it amazing that this city was draped in rainbow everything and how it completely embraced the upcoming celebration was quite (pleasantly) surprising.

On top of that – the beaches were magnificent as were the locals and tourists – such beautiful people these Middle Easterners 😉 …and don’t get me started on the food. Tel-Aviv has a great and immense boardwalk but if you walk towards its’ older sister city in Jaffa (8000+ years old to be honest) – you get this great intimate little port/wharf/boardwalk with cute little boutiques and amazing culinary wares for you to taste!

I think Jaffa and TA are a good mix of old and new and with available walking tours to check both out and learn some really ancient history, this part of Israel is a good look on your part to check out, and if you want to get a little bit more serious – you can hop a 45 minute bus out to Jerusalem and spend the day, or more!