Verona, Italy

Piazza delle Erbe is a large open space lined with bistros and boutiques along with tents in the center featuring local vendors selling their artisanal and touristic wares. The tops of the buildings still showcase their original 13th c. frescos and while one would think that this piazza would be the focal point of the city, it is overshadowed by the theatrical play made famous by Shakespeare himself – Romeo and Juliet – for fair Juliet’s home otherwise known as ‘Casa di Giulietta‘ is where love seekers come to marvel at the balcony from which folklore says Juliet called out to Romeo and it’s also a place where people affix all their hopes and dreams that love with find them via notes or even locks.

There are many other highlights in this very walkable city including the Medieval architecture, Roman edifices, the Madonna Verona fountain, the Adige river and all attractions along it as well as the famed Verona arena. Another all in a day adventure for us, perhaps you may take a little longer – either way, it’s worth the visit if not only for the folklore and wishes 🙂