We are all the same until we are not.

I believe we are all born the same way in the sense that we know nothing except what is instilled in us from childhood through to our teens and right into our twenties by our families, friends and life’s random passer-by’s.


Even with these varied cultural upbringings peppered with tiny instances of impressions, in my experience of observations; I have found most people make the convenient choice of sticking it in cruise control and riding out the motions that is life as they percieve it, yet it is no different from their fellow man. People are surrounded by the same mundane, socially expectational brainwashing that parallel their lives and cause them to lose sight of their literal freedom of being human, so much so, they can’t even fathom colouring outside the lines!


If you’ve ever felt lost or had this burning desire to go against the grain and colour outside those lines, this is a sign!! A sign to take time and be alone, like really alone, like going deep into your own space, getting uncomfortably close with you on a level not yet charted. So pick a new surrounding and immerse yourself in you; take solace in the fact that you are choosing to make change for a life that will better serve you by losing those delusional inhibitions that cloud the courage inside and when that awareness awakens… This will be the biggest step you could take to blow the doors wide open!!!


Nothing is cookie cutter in life and nothing is guaranteed. Nothing is ever something without you choosing to make it so…


Trust me, your universe will thank you. I am living proof of someone who forcibly found himself, many a time, in the middle of nowhere only to realize that in that middle of nowhere I had found myself.


Inspired by an adventure in  ? Ancient City of Petra, Jordan