How busy you think you are.

Have you ever coloured outside the lines on anything in your life? Have you always wanted to, however, given the general constraints of the first world, society seems to consistently preach security over freedom… I’m not quite sure if the latter was a question or a statement, perhaps a bit of both!

I don’t need to tell you who suffers when you imprison your dreams and coat them in excuse. Oh you’re too busy? Newsflash; we are all too busy… The question is how you are prioritizing your busyness, what part of your day-to-day is actually dedicated to you and not in-service of someone else’s benefit. I’m not talking about the soup kitchen or volunteering at the Salvation Army… I’m talking about your salvation, who is saving you? Taking care of you? Prioritizing you?

I’m am also not asking you to drop it all and scour the planet like yours truly. What I am asking you to do is venture a little outside your comfort zone. Baby steps here, put yourself in a position where you can truly begin to discover you.

If only for an hour, a day, a weekend, even a week… Move away from the familiar, away from security, put yourself in a space where reflecting within is within reach and I promise you in that you will find true freedom.
You don’t have to be bathing in a Thermal pool in Iceland (although no one’s stopping you ?) to attain this. Getting to a quiet place in your respective cities is as effective.

Remember, baby steps.

The meat of the idea here is to learn, think and focus about the number one person in your life and that’s you. People will always have their own ideas of you, but only you know you, heck, you spend your whole life with yourself over anyone else…

…so take your life by the hand and get lost, you will find that finding yourself without the rat race in the background will allow you to see things with more clarity and less stress than about what appointment you have or dry cleaning to pick up, so on & so forth.

Trust me, your universe will reward you. I am living proof of someone who has done the work, it wasn’t all pretty, I went to some great lengths and continue to do so today, however, I can confidently say I stand a Sunil who lives as free as the birds and in the end, I want you to at least experience a taste, and if you’d much rather colour within the lines, at least you’ll have discovered & used your freedom to make that choice ?

Inspired by an adventure on the  ? South Ring Road, Iceland