A last minute trip to Koh Tao, Thailand

…would reveal my life’s true contract with the universe.

Clearing the path

“Rock-bottom is a place where one learns that their inevitable trajectory bares no limits when lead with pure intention.” – Sunil Gupta

After two Silent Meditation Retreats, a dozen +plus classes of Breathwork, Mystic Healing and QiGong in Bali, Indonesia, I found myself on the island of Koh Tao in Thailand where a close friend recommended that I experience a Reiki session performed by a powerful female master. Her name; Annick Pachamamma.

When calling to book my appointment, Annick stoutly exclaimed “You do not need a Reiki session! YOU NEED A GALACTIC SIGNATURE!!”. Without throwing too many modalities around, I can tell you that that day, this powerful woman guided me in discovering what made my heart sing and the path I set forth upon revealed the following gifts I would amass in service to you…

Reiki I & Chakra Harmonizing

After my ‘Galactic Signature’ reading, my path was beginning to materialize. Odd coincidences no longer seemed as such and this new path began to make sense as I gained attunement in the healing art of the ‘Usui Shiki Ryoho’ system of Reiki, 1st degree, as well as Chakra Balancing through the practice of touch.

Honouring my lineage of Usui, Hayashi, Takata, Wanya & Pachamamma.

Yoga 200hr

My next stop along the path would take me to the southwest of India, into the coastal town of Varkala Beach in Kerala. There, I would embark on a 28-day intensive 200hr Yoga Teacher Training at the Devvrat Yoga Sangha. Gaining me knowledge in Western & Eastern Anatomy, Yogic History & Philosophies, Meditation, the Art of Teaching and the allowance to specialize in Yogic Alignment focusing on the Chakras.

Crystal Healing

During my time in Varkala, there was a little Crystal Shop run by an enlightened brother by the name of Shiva (and his lovely wife) who happened to be performing Chakra readings that day. Of course, I had him read mine. He explained that while my Chakras were strong in their giving power, my core was completely empty and I was unable to give or receive love. I sought his guidance and eventually his teachings, took accountability & ownership in my own obstacles and eventually received attunement in Crystal Healing with his generations-deep divine knowledge.

Mystic Healing

Prior to the start of my Spiritual Journey in Thailand, while in Bali, Indonesia – I had attended several Mystic Healing classes, and for those that do not know – Mystic Healing is a channeling that promotes physical, mental and emotional healing by clearing and releasing energetic blocks in our subtle bodies leading us to our one true nature: Love.

My last class, prior to returning home to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, ahead of my onward travel to Thailand – I was compelled to ask the teacher how to become a Mystic Healer. Pedro was so gentle and kind in providing me with everything I needed and I ended up travelling to Vienna, Austria, twice to attend short MH Retreats as well as a 9-day Mediation Retreat at the Govardhan Eco Village in Maharashtra, India where the experience was so intense – I slept for an average of 90 mins per night without fatigue.

At the end of that retreat, the Mystic Healing school’s ‘head’ formally invited me to attend the Therapist’s Course to be held in Madrid, Spain, unfortunately due to COVID, the course and my attunement have been delayed, however, everything will work out when it is meant to and the light, well, the light never leaves you.

Reiki II & Distance Healing

A couple of months after Yoga School & Crystal Healing, I began to develop a healing program that focused on Chakra Clearing & Alignment and aptly called it ‘The Love Logic’. With the belief that with a pure heart and pure intention alongside the modalities that I had learnt, I began to fine tune the programme on willing participants and clients, all of which experienced great resonance with my style of Healing.

After approx. 100 hours of sessions, I returned to Bali, Indonesia and received my 2nd Degree initiation in the Traditional Usui System of Reiki & Distance Reiki Healing from fellow Canadian and long time SE Asian transplant in Catharine Wheeler.

Honouring her lineage of Usui, Hayashi, Takata, Furumoto, Subuddhi, Pyaso, Munro & Wheeler.

Reiki III: Master & Teacher

COVID continues to be an interesting time for the entire planet. For myself, I had returned to Canada after spending the first ‘lockdown’ in the SE of Italy. There I continually practiced my ‘Love Logic’ healing programme on would-be participants and continued my own practice as well.

During my time in Canada, the ‘Love Logic’ was in full swing and the practice was gaining traction, as with anything in a state of pure intention. In April 2021, I transplanted back to Bali, Indonesia and contacted my master Catharine Wheeler asking her if I was eligible to complete my Master’s Degree under her tutelage to which she kindly accepted.

Cat had only attuned 24 previous Masters from her approximately 1500 list of students. Whatever she saw in me is most humbling and I pledge to do right by her, our lineage, my clients and self.

I am now, proudly, a practicing Reiki Master & Teacher honouring our lineage of Usui, Hayashi, Takata, Furumoto, Subuddhi, Pyaso, Munro, Wheeler & Gupta.

Yoga 300hr

4 years along this path would have me return to the Northern cliff in Varkala Beach, Kerala, India. This time, I would be served an interesting opportunity as the sole 300hr student, sharing classes with a wonderful group of 200hr students under the tutilage of the Gurus at Devvrat Yoga Sangha. Solidifying my knowledge in Western & Eastern Anatomy, Meditation, Alignment/Modifications, Yogic History and a deeper dive into Philosophies with one-on-ones with a couple of my Gurus as well as revisiting the Asanas and adding a few more postures.

Vedic Astrological Yantra Healing

While in the North Cliff of Varkala, Kerala, I reconnected with my Crystal Guru in search of deeper teachings in the world of Crystal Healing. I was introduced to an ancient healing art that, although, forbid any kind of visual imagery or advertisment – uses many variables including Vedic Astrology & Planets, Crystals, Mantra & Mudras and the magic of Alchemy.

Love is the only logic

From it’s inception to the present day, the practice of the Love Logic continues to evolve…

From basic Intuition to Visions, Energy Orbs to Pendulum assisted Clearings, a simple palm-sized Tibetan bowl to the inclusion of pure Quartz bowls tuned to specific Chakra frequencies.

Where there once was only 15 Crystals in use to now having over 23 on or around the client. The ascension in my practice will cease to know any bounds for as long as the embodiment of love is it’s status quo, the ceiling will remain infinite, infinitely.