What’s stopping you?

Before you go ahead and scoff at this initial chapter’s Title with your eyes, take a think about all the reasons you have chosen to stay put where you are. Now I am not singling out any one specific person nor am I generalizing the masses. The question is an open format to anyone who is willing to ponder what is, indeed, stopping them?


There is no right or wrong answer, however, if you have the self-awareness to realize when to call bullshit on yourself, then you’ve opened the potential gateway to moving forward and beginning your journey once thought to be but a mirage.


I’ll go first as I opened this can…

(Although, I will qualify that it was much easier laying blame on a myriad of subjects – be them people, situations or things.)


  1. I was in a marriage that didn’t serve me.
  2. I was working an occupation in which I spent nearly every waking hour in front of a computer.
  3. My one saving grace was a great group of family & friends that made my free time all that much more savourable, both home and abroad.

…and yet, it wasn’t enough and so I remained stuck.


The thing is, it doesn’t matter how many friends you have or how close you are with your family. It doesn’t matter how many adventures you go on. The drinks can flow, the parties can come & go and if you think everything is just fine, then it is as you say and I respect your word.


I ask that you keep this small note in the back of your Heart – there are many facets to you, you are certainly not 1-dimensional and if you find you have itches, inklings, thoughts, or dreams… I assure you that these are all attainable, it takes but one action step to get the snowball effecting and you’ll often wonder why it took you so long.


Welcome to ‘What You Don’t Want to Hear’ – a collection of my true life’s chapters written in my authentic word and I assure you – it won’t all be rainbows and lollipops – real life seldomly bares fruit without actual cultivation, however, here you get to bare witness to the parallels we all share, although unique in story, no one is reinventing the wheel. My hope is that my-life-so-far speaks to you, resonates with you and you find your inner power to overcome whatever similarities may run a parallel and live out a life in your highest good <3


Written in  ? Ubud, Bali, Indonesia