In the eye of the storm do you begin to see.

In a matter of moments, I lost my best friend and perceived life partner.


The journey to this point was not without fault and I occasionally catch myself looking back; analyzing to see what I could have done or said differently – would that have changed the eventual outcome?


It has been a few months now and my heart is having its’ fair share of challenges to move forward…and there is absolutely no problem with that. We all move at different speeds, the idea is to stay the course, it gets better, I promise.


However, you will be faced with external challenges as well. There is almost always the dance of who was hurt more and one half may choose to go the route of slander or smearing your name. I am here to tell you that this is okay too, people have their processes and you need to hold space for them, even if you think they don’t deserve it. You are love, it is within you, you cannot lose it and you cannot break it, however, you can share it and despite how much it may hurt, your former half is hurting just as much.


And the judgements will come, it is inevitable, people love the drama, what can I tell you… No one will ever know what really happened except the two of you when you get down to the bare bones of it all.


My advice is to trust in you, you know who you are more than anyone in your space. Accept that you have contributed to this breakdown and evolve from it. There is no such thing as fear… That is our race’s greatest illusions and when you accept it for what it really is, you will finally be living in the present.


When you accept that there is no future and there is no past except some beautiful memory traces that bring thoughts of warmth to your being, you will finally be on your way.


To all those out there that have experienced great loss, I am standing right beside you, empathy in full effect, believing in the body over the mind and ultimately the soul that drives us all.


‘I’m Sorry, Please forgive me, I love you, Thank you’. All will be well. Peace, love and light be with you.


Inspired by events in ? Bali, Indonesia