Time is infinite and there is no escape. You cannot rush it nor pull it back, it just is. If this is the case, why not make the most of it?


As a species, we share many of the same traits as our neighbours in the animal kingdom while our abilities for complex reasoning, language and introspection sets us beyond – it can also set us back.


This action and reaction, or rather, CHOICE is uniquely available to each of us at every moment we breathe life and at every moment you have the opportunity to make change from that which is not serving you –  it’s simply up to you to buy in.


Positive intention will always yield riches so lead with that and make the most of your moment, don’t let it pass you by especially since you star in every waking second of it and the beauty of it is that everything within is in your control so take control right?


Some years ago, I was befitted with a couple of difficult choices – it was up to me which way I wanted to sway and I would be lying if I said the negative intentions I felt to act upon seemed much harder than those of a positive nature.


No road nor journey will ever be easy. Life is not navigated in a straight line and your universe is not interested in handouts. Choices will be served, some will reveal lessons and others will grant you passage forward. It will all come down to your pure intention.


‘You only live once…’ they say, whoever they are – and if you take ‘them’ at their word then isn’t your life worth a life of love and joyfulness?


Inspired by my time in  ? Indonesia