Even wonder when you feel a cold coming on, you get a cold? Then you complain about said cold, although, if you think about it; it was you who willed it into existence. This is manifestation. This is also compulsive desire.

Now, if you can will a cold into your world just like that, realize that your universe just got a whole lot BIGGER. You can will, envision, attract, whatever actionable adjective, true change into your world. The Law of Attraction is a real thing and depending on how you are feeling inside will determine what you are surrounded with outside.

10 months ago I was in a relationship that challenged my resiliency and commitment. 7 months ago I was faced with the real notion that it was finally over and 5 months ago I kept defying the universe’s plan trying to maintain togetherness as I convinced my inner self that life would not get better after ‘her’.

In my case, everything on my outside became a challenge and every thought or feeling on my inside was ripped away by a power that I tried to defy because I kept holding onto a past that did not exist nor serve me.
This is all self will… It does not matter the event. Sickness, heartbreak, promotion, great adventure, good or bad, positive or negative… It is all defined by your action, even reaction.

Since the 7 month episode, I began a deeper work, for myself which supposedly would work for us, well, ideally. Obviously it would work for everything and while I was becoming ever enlightened and travelling out of body & deeper in consciousness, my stubborness for an already written path of life needed to be stripped away by a force that disabled me financially as well as emotionally… I got the picture, trust me.

Ok, so that’s my mid story – what’s yours? Are you willing yourself a fruitful outcome or going through the motions? Are you still convincing yourself that this is all hoopla or are you still waiting to win the lottery in order to buy order back into your being?

Let me come back to me because I left it all alone, past removed, anything that did not serve – gonezo – and remained in the present. It was not easy, it took some practice; it continues to take practice and let me tell you that the universe has come calling and paid me a gift that if nurtured properly, will confirm that I, alone, have willed this happiness and you know what? I am the sole reason any good is coming to me as I determine my karma, no different from you.

You are the sole reason any good or any bad comes to you. If you want it, or him, or that or her, will it, your universe will thank you. I am living proof of a man that left all his cards on the table and have pushed all his chips to the middle. I’m all in folks… now comes the easy part.

Written while roadtripping through  ? Andalucia Region, Spain