Finding comfort in you.

This lifestyle has a way of making you feel quite lonely. You travel from destination to destination, sometimes staying for a few days, other times staying for a few months and whilst the opportunity to meet like-minded individuals, the world over, is truly priceless; you always come back to one.


The price of this true freedom requires strength, courage and a whole lot of discipline. You are essentially colouring outside the lines of what society has come to expect of us as human beings, day to day.


This life isn’t for everyone, shit, sometimes I think it isn’t for me but here I am, in my present, moment to moment, living my truth.


But if you stop and think about it, we are all we have, there is no other being inside us. When you smell flowers, touch someone, see a beautiful landscape or taste a culinary delight…

…there are a multitude of calculations going on inside your vessel equaling into sensations that you share, ultimately, alone within yourself.


So whether I am on the other side of this rock or just down the street from you, the idea is to find comfort in you, to be confident in your loneliness, to profoundly accept your insides and love yourself with that same strength, courage and discipline that you sought for your freedom.


… and when that beaming ray of energy shines beyond you, you will attract like-level beings from across your cosmos and wonder how you ever truly felt lonely in the first place.


(I just wrote this on the fly and had a bout of self realization right at the very end, I hope you do too ❤️??)


Written in  ? Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia