The idea to give love is an illusion.

You are love, it is apart of you and as it is, you will find the universe may bring you like-level people and your love will vibrate with their love and you, two, will become one, whether friendship or beyond.

It seems quite compartmentalized but think of it this way… Love, energy, vibrations, these are all one in the same and they are infinite. The only difference is not in the feeling, regardless what you label it, it’s in the relationships you have. What you may radiate for Mum will not match what you may radiate for your partner but that is due to the dynamic you share with that person, not because of any degree or volume of love, you cannot quantify an intangible source.

So then there is the talk of loving yourself and there are many opinions… To me personally, in all the emotional turmoils I have faced, especially over the last decade, I would say I, ultimately, turned to myself to lift me from rock bottom. That is not to deny the many helping hands, solid foundations and infinite debt to many a heart who took time, however, they can only guide and then you are left to you.

To love, to believe, to grind, to do the work that will allow you to shift to greener pastures, because it does ring true that your vibe, indeed, attracts your tribe and that if you possess no inner peace then it’s an impossibility to be in reach of outer peace.

You. Me. We… are our own salvation and the fact that you are reading this at this very moment means you are very much alive and therefore are living your salvation. Now have you realized that your true potential has literally been with you since the beginning? That you as love, you as energy, you as salvation, you as an infinite source of everything you seek in this life is an actuality?!

You are everything you need, trust me, I am living proof that you can get your Yin (or Yang) together, keep your humility, continue the work and wait patiently, because duality is coming, in whatever offering the universe decides… However you’ll be alright right? ‘Cause you’re love yo!!

Written in  ? Toronto, Ontario, Canada