Let it go.

Three words.

Three very easy words, that easily roll off the tongue, however, not only are they that easy in the audible sense, they are the sole way in you moving past the mental objects holding you back.

Loneliness. Broken hearted. Lost friendships… the list goes on and on.

And it is very easy to suppress those deep seeded feelings in hopes of finding solace in others. You are essentially sugarcoating your truth in exchange for temporary relief and let me tell you that it is truly temporary.
Until you recognize that which is holding you back from being your true self, your newly formed connections with those you sought to fill your voids will begin to wither or crack and you will either project your jaded feelings upon those individuals or witness a complete meltdown before your eyes and it will have been created of your own doing.

This is not to say that said person with whom your new connection is with is not carrying some kind of baggage, however, you do not possess a crystal ball to have forseen such an assumptive predicament nor would it really matter as you are solely responsible for your own self.

What I am asking you to do is be aware of your shortcomings meaning those that are holding you back because replacing the deep seeded for shallower placebos will eventually get so complicated, you may never recover. Your ego will lay blame on the entire planet and you victim mentality will ruin you.

Let it go.

Let go of the past if it doesn’t serve you in the present. Let go of that lover, let go of that old friend, old job, old anything. The actual realization of being aware of that that is holding you back is the first step… Next step is letting it go.

It seems so easy because it is. Feel the weights lift off your shoulders when you release these illusioned burdens. Trust me, your universe will thank you as it will unveil to you the tribe you will attract by the new vibe you’re setting forth. I am living proof of someone who let go of all that weighed me down, from self judgement to a torn heart, I thanked each event as an experience and have been walking on clouds ever since.

Lead with your heart, leave out the mind and free yourself, you owe yourself that if you want a fighting chance.

Written in  ? Prague, Czech Republic