Truly being.

Sitting in Napoli Capodichino Airport, people watching, however, not simply watching as I am radiating…

…from the Solar Chakra. I am radiating love to every one and every thing. Like the vintage Care Bear Countdown yet on a constant, emanating from my inner and creating a beam of positive vibrations to my outer.


This is my pure intention, to show you that happiness nor love (they go hand-in-hand) are temperamental emotions. They do not come and go as you please them, they are infinite, they exist without judgement, without reason, without material additives and especially; without condition.


Not to generalize, however, we as humans tend to put a price tag on love and happiness when you cannot even price your worth! Tell me what is the extraneous circumstance you are dealing with that withholds you from being?


Love and Happiness are all free flowing, they aren’t tailor made as you wish and they don’t cost anything if you come to the understanding that they are without accessory. Nothing defines you except you. People will always have an opinion or judgement or assumption about you, you cannot control the exterior, you cannot forecast the negatives. You can simply hold space with being happy and being love.


…and believe me, these are truly simple concepts, they require no justification for their existence in your life. Remove the fluff, remain present and reap the Universal benefits that have been with us since the beginning of the collective consciousness



Written as I sat at  ? Capodichino Airport, Napoli, Italy