Follow You.

One of the biggest questions (accusations ?) I get as someone who lives this Nomadic lifestyle is ‘What are you running from?’


My response is normally along the lines of this opportunity (to live this) is a gift yadda yadda…pure Hallmark filth. ?


Its exhausting telling someone that we all have this power of choice and can compel ourselves into a life that ‘mainstream society’ prefers to turn a blind eye to and truly experience freedom in its most naked form…

But I’ll tell you this – it doesn’t resonate with everyone & the rest think you’re issue laden.


My advice if you live this life or are wanting to is to NOT do anything if someone has to told you should and to follow your own happiness.


Trust me, your universe will thank you! I am living proof that you cannot win them all and it doesn’t matter. This life is yours so do anything that serves you be it a career change or flying half way around this rock.


Written in  ? Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia