You woke up this morning.

Congratulations, you’ve achieved the greatest accomplishment in life…
and that’s life.

Now what are you going to do with this gift? Will you seek involvement or exclusivity? In other words, will you take life on with a joyfulness that includes all life or would you like to focus only on those who mean something to you?

Before you answer, let me ask you another question… Say you share your love with another person and solely focus all your energy on them, will you be satisfied with that exclusivity, or moreover, that exclusion of every thing else on the planet when your contract with said planet expires?

I know loads of people who lack trust in their fellow man. I know many who simply do not like their fellow man yet have love for a select few in their immediate circle and let me tell you that that lack of involvement will lead to a long and arduous life… You want to be that person who looks forward only to hump day because then its on to TGIF & finally the weekend? That hates what they do for a living but in the case of that luxury car or exclusive purse or pair of Louboutins or simply status, they grin and bare it?

That is not a life, you’re better off sleeping. Forever.

Being involved is being Human. If you are all about the above mentioned, you are only Human, you’re not being. You’re not being love, you’re not being joyful, you’re not giving yourself half a chance…

I simply ask if you could try to approach everything and everyone with love, with a loving integrity, with an infinite supply of ‘benefit of the doubt’ and see how your life will change for the betterment of you and your surroundings. If you leave exclusivity for inclusivity, see how 24 hours just flies by, see how others flock to you, see how those you interact with will respond positively to your change and finally see how those who cannot handle or support your ascension wither away revealing that your path was better off shedding the roadblocks.

So tomorrow morning, if you wake up, take a moment and smile, then take that smile and turn it into loving and let your life snowball from there. Trust me, your universe will thank you, I am living proof of living inclusively. I am honoured for the life I have every moment I am here.
It’s the intangibles that matter, don’t take the breaths you’re granted for granted, it could end just like…

Inspired from living in  ? Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia