The illusion of your past.

The past is a heavy burden to carry with you as many people including myself (an admitted work in progress) have not refined the art of letting go, nor the art of forgiveness, let alone the art of acceptance.

You may have committed unsavoury acts or been the victim of them, the thing is, in this case; that either role carried defines as your story that you carry with you in the now, this! Your present!!

What I am trying to convey to you is that it is in the past and your past is an illusion, it no longer exists. This does not excuse you from your actions, for or against, it actually gives you a chance to learn for the betterment of your being. These mistakes, regrets, and overall weights were gifted to you to aid you to mature, to ascend to the next level. To delve deep inside your mechanics and rid yourself of these blockages.

We all have it in us, the polarity of good and bad, and the latter may stay dormant but it is only a matter of (the illusion of) time before it rears its ugly head and you lash out. I am here to softly whisper that you can rid yourself of this burden, that there are tools and methods out there to help you get unstuck (I can help, send a PM)…

…to release the past from your clutches, forgive yourself from this mental prison (that you built) and accept yourself for who you are and who you are about to become because you are your only hope and I will always be there in the corner, waving your banner and holding space for you however you so need it.


Inspired by a visit to ? Hiroshima, Japan